Haaland’s Unsurprising But Impressive Start with Manchester City

Erling Haaland signing for Manchester City this past summer might be seen as the bargain of the year, given his dominance and success so far. Though it is only a month into the season, he has continued to show that he is worth every penny of his transfer fee.

Many critiques and fans believed that the adjustment to the Premier League would take some time, and many believed that it would not work out, but now looking back, it was foolish to believe that.

(Tweet Credit: @fuboTVCanada)

Haaland at Dortmund was an elite level player on a top, but not elite level club. But during the two and a half seasons at Dortmund, Haaland appeared in 89 games, and scoring in 86 of them. Haaland’s time at Dortmund can now be seen as a stepping stone that was used to develop his abilities at the top level, without making the jump to an elite level club.

Now at City, Haaland surrounds himself with world class teammates in every position and arguably the best manager in the world. Additionally, nearly every player on the pitch at City is able to provide the Norwegian striker a pass that can lead to a goal.

Since the start of the season, Haaland has nine appearances and thirteen goals in all competitions. Most recently scoring a wonder goal against his former club in the Champions League, ultimately securing the win and three points.

It is clear that Haaland is scoring at a dominating pace, and has easily fit into the system that Pep Guardiola has set up for the Sky Blues.

Currently Manchester City sit in second place in the Premier League and look to defend their title. But the main goal for this team is European success in the UEFA Champions League.

Haaland is also looking to win his first Champions League title, and his first top 5 domestic league title this season. Given the success so far, and the past success of Manchester City, it is highly probable that they do win the Premier League this year.

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