San Jose Sharks Make Waves with Sleek new Jersey Design

It’s a new Era in San Jose as the Sharks released a new Jersey design which pays homage to the team’s history in California.

In a club statement the San Jose Sharks said that the jersey is, “inspired by the popular and innovative original Sharks jersey and incorporates new, innovative design elements as the franchise looks to the future and to a new era of Sharks hockey.”

Working in collaboration with Adidas, the new Sharks sweaters will be going under the name “Evolve”, as this jersey redesign marks the first major changeup for the Sharks in nine seasons.

The ‘Evolve’ uniform includes new primary home (teal) and away (white) jerseys. These jerseys mimic the original Sharks striping pattern but with a focus on the current Pacific Teal and white instead of gray.

Additionally, the striping incorporates an innovative wave emboss texture. The jerseys also incorporate an updated fin logo on the shoulders and utilize a new Sharks-specific font designed for this uniform. With the exception of the stick in the crest, orange has been removed from the design as have the neckline jersey ties.

Image Credit: NHL

As mentioned above the redesign brings the Sharks franchise back to their roots, as the jerseys will have fans everywhere nostalgic for the original jerseys they came into the league with back in the 1991/92 season.

“Our original jersey continues to be extremely popular with Sharks fans, in part because they were forward thinking at the time,” said Doug Bentz, Chief Marketing Officer for the Sharks.

“Like our beginnings, we must continue to evolve towards the future, especially as we enter a new era of Sharks hockey. Combining our fan’s love for the first jersey while at the same time being true to our innovative spirit, that was the inspiration for the new ‘Evolve’ uniform. The ‘Evolve’ uniform honors tradition while representing the next generation of Sharks hockey.”

Bringing back the vintage look but giving them a modern redesign seems to be in fashion throughout all of sports and the Sharks are the newest team paying homage to those that came before them.

Check out the original San Jose Sharks jersey design ahead of their inaugural 1991/92 season modeled with than team owner George Gund (right) and NHL legend Gordie Howe (left)

Image Credit: Fear the Fin

In my personal opinion the Evolve set of jerseys are a very sleek addition to the Sharks catalog of typically stellar sets of sweaters, as these home and away jerseys will easily rank among the upper tier of jerseys league-wide.

With the NHL reportedly looking to bring back their “Reverse Retro” collection of jerseys at some point this season, it will be a wonder what the Sharks will have up their sleeves for the upcoming release.

While little is known as to when the next set of retro jerseys are set to be released to the public, they are reportedly set to be on their way in the not-too distant future, especially with the success of the first batch of Reverse Retro sweaters being debuted during the shortened 2021 season.

The Evolve jerseys are available to purchase starting on September 14 only on the San Jose Pro Shop website and are available everywhere else on September 15.

With the 2022/23 NHL season rapidly approaching head to the for all your team needs, including the new Sharks ‘Evolve’ sweaters


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