Possible Scenarios from the Bo Horvat Trade to the New York Islanders

It was announced yesterday that the Vancouver Canucks have moved their longstanding captain Bo Horvat to the New York Islanders. However, given the certain circumstances of both teams, and how the trade deadline is about a month away, much can happen and change. Here are several scenarios that may occur as a result of the trade.

Win Conditions

For the Canucks to consider this trade a win they need to make the most of the assets acquired for their captain. For example, if prospect Aatu Raty becomes a star for the Canucks and is able to develop his talents alongside other core pieces of the Canucks line up. Another possibility is if the Canucks hit and draft an excellent player with the first round pick from the Islanders.

(Image Credit: Smaht Scouting)

Meanwhile Bo Horvat and the Islanders make a deep playoff run, and Horvat signs an extension in Long Island. This would mean that the Islanders finally would have another elite level forward on the team to complement Matthew Barzal.

Losing Conditions

There also could be a possibility that the Canucks are unable to make the most of the 1st overall draft pick, Aatu Raty, and Anthony Beauvillier. Which would mean that they did not make the most of what they traded for their captain, and will likely continuing the drought they the franchise has suffered from during the past few seasons.

For the Islanders not being able to extend Horvat past this season, or not qualifying for the playoffs, in which they are part of a five team race with could be considered a losing condition or detrimental to the franchise.

Most Interesting Situation

Hands down the most interesting possibility that can occur from the Horvat trade deals with how we are still one month away from the trade deadline, and that there still is a possibility that the Islanders miss the playoffs this season.

If the Islanders are projected to miss the playoffs by the trade deadline, would it be possible that the Islanders flip Horvat at the deadline?

(Image Credit: Daily Hive)

This is a scenario where a huge trade chip is being flipped twice in one month, and potentially being moved on double retained salary, given how Vancouver are retaining 25% of Horvat’s wages on the books. If the Islanders have to move him, and they do choose to retain 50% of his salary, Horvat could be traded to a contending team for on a cap hit slightly higher than $2m.

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