NHL Reverse Retro 2022 Jerseys that WILL SELL OUT

Based on what we know from the first line of reverse retro jerseys, they will sell out if they look good. Classics like the Avalanches’, Capitals’, and Coyotes’, jerseys are nowhere to be seen, except for on reselling sites for an arm and a leg.

Since the second set of reverse retros have been revealed. Here are a few jerseys that will most likely sell out right at launch.

Washington Capitals

(Image Credit RMNB)

The first jersey that will most likely sell out instantly is the Washington Capitals. Just like their first reverse retro, the screaming eagle is back, but now in black. Personally, this jersey is an instant buy for any Capitals fans and its going to be interesting to see Ovechkin in these colors again.

Florida Panthers

(Image Credit: NHL)

Similar to what the Miami Heat did with their Miami Vice jerseys, the Panthers are looking to bring some sunshine to the rink with these jerseys. The palm tree logo is an interesting decision as the primary logo, but it does make for something new.

This jersey shows off a good time, and will likely bring more casual eyes to the game.

Montreal Canadiens

(Image Credit: NHL)

In what seems to be a trendy color, the Habs are coming out with a beautiful light blue for their reverse retro. This is a color that has been seen on the Toronto Blue Jays, and has gotten the attention of many.

Being an original six team with a massive fanbase, there is no doubt that these will sell out like hot cakes.

The jerseys will be released on November 15th! Make sure you are on NHLShop.ca in Canada or NHLShop.com in the United States to grab yours!


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