Three Biggest Kit Flops You Will See at the 2022 Qatar World Cup

The memories and nostalgia that old classic kits bring back is a feeling like no other. The kit is how a team represents itself in another way besides footballing ability.

For example we all remember the 2018 Nigeria green and white arrowed kit from Nike, and the 2014 Germany red and black kit from Adidas. These are some of the classics that bring back strong memories from the past.

(Image Credit: High Noble Society)

Usually football kit suppliers do well to ensure that the nation that they represent looks good on the pitch. But sometimes there are a few stinkers that get by. Unfortunately 2022 will be no different as some nations will be outfitted in kits that will likely be remembered for looking… hideous.

Nike Gets Lazy With Canada

This kit flop doesn’t necessarily deal with the kit itself, because the kit itself does represent that nation well and does look gorgeous. However, simply because it demonstrates a strong lack of effort, it makes the list.

(Image Credit: Football Fanatics)

Nike will not be manufacturing a new kit design for Canada for this world cup. This was described to the public as a situation done because the Canadian kits are on a different cycle. However it is the first time that Canada will be entering the tournament in over three decades and not having new kits will blend the experience quite a bit with the fixtures prior.

(Image Credit: Football Fanatics)

This is an event supposed to be celebrated and remembered for generations, and the slightest things add to that. Defiantly a missed opportunity for Canada and a giant blunder by Nike.

Germany’s White Kits

One of the strongest teams in the world, come out with one of the weakest kits for a World Cup in years.

Germany’s white kits have always been a strong entry onto most kit lists, and have usually embodied the nation in simple colors. However, compared to 2018, 2014, and 2010, and even the Euro tournaments in between, the 2022 misses by miles.

(Image Credit: Adidas)

Albeit the away kit for Germany passes, the single black stripe down the middle not only looks odd, but throwing in the national crest and the Adidas logo on top does not do the nation justice.

Additionally the minimalist Adidas logo, removing the wording looks fine on other kits, but having it in a central position stands out quite too much.

Puma Blunders All Away Kits

In what might be the biggest attempt to get innovative with kits, Puma have absolutely made a grave error when designing the away kits for the nations that they supply.

(Image Credit: The18)

All of the away kits have a similar design to the one above. With the Puma logo above a box that has the nation’s crest, and number.

Puma have done a stunning job with some of the home kits, such as Uruguay and Ghana, but the failed attempt at innovation really makes its point clear with the away kits.

Hopefully the Puma nations steer far from wearing their away kits at this year’s world cup.

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