Braden Holtby’s Return to Washington and Brief Overview of His Time as a Capital

The Washington Capitals versus Dallas Stars game was a game in which former Capitals, and current Stars goalie Braden Holtby returned back to Washington for the first time since leaving in the 19/20 season.

Though the Stars came out on top against the Capitals, Holtby was sidelined due to injury and was unable to play against his former team.

Due to division alignment because of COVID-19, this was Holtby’s time back at Capital One Arena.

However, the injury at hand didn’t mean that 2016 Vezina winner, and 2018 Stanley Cup champion didn’t get his homecoming and standing ovation.

(Tweet Credit: Capitals)

Though he did not play, Holtby was dressed for the occasion as the Washington Capitals had prepared a video welcoming their beloved Stanley Cup winning netminder.

The Capitals also prepared a video filled with iconic moments during Holtby’s tenure as a Capital. After the video played, Holtby was cheered and shown appreciate from Capital One Arena.

It safe to say that the Capitals fanbase still have a soft spot for the Stars’ goalie

(Tweet Credit: Capitals)

Holtby left the Capitals after the 19/20 when he signed a contract with the Vancouver Canucks. Due to performance circumstances, Holtby was eventually bought out by the Canucks, and this season, signed a contract with the Dallas Stars.

During his time as a Capital, Holtby was a dominate goalie during the best times of the franchises’ history. During his ten years with the franchise, Holtby had a record of 282-122-46, a 2016 Vezina trophy, a 2017 Vezina nominee, and a 2018 Stanley Cup.

(Tweet Credit: NBCSCapitals)

On this night, it was the Stars that took home the three points in a 3-2 win, however the story that will be remembered is the beautiful and memorable cheers that the netminder got.

Given the circumstances of both teams, it is also very possible that Holtby could stay in Washington for the night, as the Stars could possibly move him to the Capitals, who have been looking for an experienced goalie for this post season.

Though possibly just a dream for Capitals fans, it is something that has been in rumors earlier this season.


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