For the Future: Ferran Torres

Ferran Torres is a 22 year old attacker currently under the management of Xavi at Barcelona. Torres just joined Barcelona this winter transfer window after a single season at Manchester City for $55 million euros (and other potential add on costs).

Ferran Torres was raised through the Valencia CF academy in which he grew up playing in, until he turned 17 and made his professional debut. It was then in 2020 when Pep Guardiola noticed the young Spaniard’s potential and signed him.

Since signing for Manchester City in 2020, Ferran has been a regular in the Spanish national team and even represented them at the 2020 European Championship, and UEFA Nations League.

At such a young age, the young player has a plethora of experience at the top level and provides much for his team.

(Image Credit: The Athletic)

Ferran is an excellent and versatile attacker, able to play on both wings and as a striker. With this kind of versatility, he is able to perform at a high level and comfortably on all angles in the attacking third.

This can especially be important in Barcelona’s system in which, he an be prioritize getting open for the ball and supporting his teammates in the attacking third, while also being able to be comfortable no matter where he receives the ball.

It is also important to note that Ferran is comfortable using both of his feet. Which definatly contributes to him being able to play anywhere on the attacking front.

Ferran’s main asset is his pace and dribbling with the ball, specifically for his close dribbling, and solid technique. Ferran is also an extremely hard working player in the attacking third.

With these skills, it is clear why he is known to be a lethal threat counter attacking, while also being able to create space, with his speed, leaving defenders behind him.

In terms of areas where he can improve, Ferran is not the strongest passer, and specifically crosser of the ball. Though this may be because he is much more comfortable dribbling the ball to progress the play, that is one key area to note for improvement.

(Image Credit: MARCA)

At Ferran Torres’ young age, he demonstrates a high level of technical skill with his versatility and technique on the ball.

Ferran looks to be a main piece for Barcelona’s rebuild and can be that piece. He also seems to be a corner stone for a upcoming Spanish side that looks to reclaim the glory days of when his manager played.


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