What Other Moves Can the Avs Make This Trade Deadline?

After adding Josh Manson from the Anaheim Ducks, the league leading Colorado Avalanche still have a plethora of assets that they can use to buy rentals and other pieces to bolster their roster this year.

It is clear that the Avs are the favorite for the Stanley Cup based off of their regular season performance and their current roster, however we all know that regular season success does not always add up to playoff success. Therefore it is key that Joe Sakic and the Avs do what they can to maximize their opportunity this year.

Additionally with Captain Gabriel Landeskog out until the playoffs, the Avs can place him on LTIR and free up cap space in order to acquire a big name on the market.

Sakic’s Colorado Avalanche have a very interest situation as the trade deadline approaches and their options seem very open.

(Image Credit: The Athletic)

At the time of this article, the Avs have just added to their defense by adding seasoned veteran Josh Manson. In order to acquire the Defenseman, the Avs paid a 2023 Second Round Pick, and prospect Drew Helleson. Additionally, the Ducks will be retaining 50% of Manson’s cap hit so that the Avs have more room to acquire additional assets.

With this trade being made, Colorado still hold onto their 2023 First Round Pick, and other prospects, which means that they still have prospects like Justus Annuenen (Goalie), Justin Barron (Defense), and Martin Kaut (Right Wing) as assets a selling team might be interested in.

(Image Credit: Broad Street Hockey)

The main story this trade deadline has to be the Giroux saga. It is also well known across the league that Giroux is very interested in joining the Avalanche at a solid run at the Stanley Cup this season.

The Flyers have not impressed at all and their captain is now 34 years old and has a no-move clause in his contract, meaning that Giroux is in control of his destination.

With Landeskog out until at least the start of the playoffs, a Giroux move is very possible and can fit the salary cap given the certain circumstances of their situation.

(Image Credit: Inside the Rink)

If the asking price for Giroux is too high, the Avs could potentially also be interested in Jets upcoming UFA Andrew Copp.

The Jets are likely to miss the playoffs this year and are likely to offload some of their assets at the trade deadline.

Copp is a centreman that would not be too expensive in comparison to Giroux and adds depth to the Avalanche’s team. Copp’s cap hit is also significantly lower then Giroux’s at $3.64 million and would then potentially be lowered to $1.82 million if the Jets retain half of the cap hit.

(Image Credit: The Hockey News)

One final player that the Avs could make a trade for this trade deadline to make a splash is Blackhawks Goalie Marc-Andre Fleury.

Fleury has been on a struggling Blackhawks team and has been rumored to have interest in teams without a solid experienced goalie.

Fleury provides both experience, and stability, which are key aspects that a Stanley Cup winning team needs.

As of right now, Colorado currently have Darcy Kuemper and Pavel Francouz. Both of which have been fantastic this season, but that can likely be attributed to the Avalanche’s deep roster, and quality defensive play this season.

Though it is unlikely that the Fleury move happens, it would be an interesting move as both of the Avs goalies lack solid playoff experience.


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