For the Future: Dominik Szoboszlai

Dominik Szoboszlai is slowly becoming one of football’s hottest talents as he continues to impress for RB Leipzig. The 21 year old Hungarian winger has seen steady growth and improvement as he gains more experience during his career.

Szoboszlai currently has 4 goals and 5 assists in 21 appearances for Leipzig this season in the Bundesliga. However, when counting all competitions Szoboszlai has 14 goal contributions (8 goals, 6 assists) in 28 games.

Though these numbers are impressive, we must also consider that Szoboszlai is still young and still has time to grow and improve. However, it is clear that the natural talent is present in his play.

The young superstar in the making has many key attributes to his game that would definitely make him a strong signing for one of the biggest clubs in Europe,

(Image Credit: The Times)

Szoboszlai made his professional football debut at 16 years old in the Austrian second division for Liefering, in this first season, he had 27 goal contributions in 42 appearances. After two seasons in the Austrian second divison, RB Salzburg had signed him, and had him for four years.

At Salzburg, Dominik Szoboszlai won four Austrian Bundesliga titles in a row, while also winning three Austrian Cups. At Salzburg, Szoboszlai developed and eventually earned his way to the German Bundesliga, where RB Leipzig paid a twenty million euro fee for the then 20 year old winger. It was here when he became the most expensive Hungarian player ever.

Though not featuring for Leipzig during the 20/21 season due to long term injury. The Hungarian winger has shown strong promise so far this season.

Leipzig currently sit in forth in the Germany Bundesliga, and are looking to maintain a top for finish this season, while Szoboszlai looks to continue to impress those watching.

(The Real Champs)

In terms of playstyle and key attributes, the Hungarian is able to play on the wing or in a central attacking position, however it is clear that he shines the most playing out wide on the flank.

Szoboszlai also shows high levels of finishing with his goal scoring prowess, scoring two goals in the UEFA Champions League this season for Die Rotten Bull.

Another key aspect for Szoboszlai is his free kicking ability. This was evident in his UEFA 2020 Nations League goal against Turkey.

From dead ball positions, Szoboszlai can already be considered a set piece specialist, even at his young age.

(Video Credit: ALLSidesSK

In terms of offensive talent, Szoboszlai is extremely creative in the offensive zone, and showcases flair when he plays through his touches and attempts to create chances for his team that would not necessarily have been there. This showcases high levels of confidence when playing, which can be a key aspect to the offensive skillset a winger showcases.

In terms of improvement, Szoboszlai’s dribbling could be improved as he usually looks to make the pass instead of taking defenders one on one. However, it could be argued that simplicity through dribbling runs can be more effective. Rather instead of breaking down defensives with dribbles and skill, we instead can see that he tries to find a teammate.

(Image Credit: Left Back Football)

In terms of where the future is headed for Dominik Szosbozlai, the near future is one in which it is likely he will stay at RB Leipzig, as they attempt to challenge for the Bundesliga. However, this can be a safe opportunity for him to grow as a player and to take the time to develop his skillset.

In terms of European clubs that have been touted to be interested now, there have been several rumors regarding Arsenal, and Italian giants Juventus being interested in the past.

Regardless of where Szoboszlai chooses to go, or where he ends up, as a footballer he defiantly has a bright future ahead of him.


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