Storylines: One Month Before the NHL Trade Deadline

The NHL trade deadline occurs on March 21st at 3pm EST.

What this means is that playoff contenders, and teams just on the cusp of making in to the coveted tournament will be looking to bolster their roster with players from rebuilding teams.

This season is interesting because of the fact that the league is very competitive in nature in comparison to other years, and because of how the teams from the two different countries are more willing to trade with one another, given the current COVID-19 protocols.

There is also a large amount of star players that are on the block this year, relative to past years. These veterans are looking to make one final run at the cup, and their current respective teams will be looking to sell them off for future assets.

(Image Credit: NHL)

Two goalies that have reportedly been on the trade deadline are Braden Holtby and Marc-Andre Fleury.

It is odd to think that these two goalies, that have many direct battles against each other, in the Metropolitan division rivalry between the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins, would now be up for sale by their respective teams.

It was also reported earlier this year that current Chicago Blackhawks Goalie, and three time Stanley Cup Champion, Marc-Andre Fleury had interest by the Washington Capitals.

Fleury currently has impressive numbers, sitting at a .912 save percentage and a 2.80 goals against average, on a very weak Chicago team. On his final year of a 7 million dollar deal, it would be expensive to take him on, but given the ability for Chicago to retain salary, it is very possible for the Flower to be sold this March.

Holtby, now of the Dallas Stars has struggled since leaving DC. Now he looks to be a cheap rental option for several teams in the hunt for a solid backup, or even a stable starter. Now on a deal with 2 million dollars, Dallas could easily retain 1 million of cap, to make this deal great value.

(Image Credit: Broad Street Hockey)

Claude Giroux has been a Flyer since the start of his career, and has even had captaincy since 2013. The long-time Flyer is now in his final year of his contract, and admittedly is slowly running out of time to win a Stanley Cup.

Giroux has a No-Move Clause in his contract, which means that he is in complete control of where he can go. Now he must decide if he will waive it for his chance at Stanley Cup.

If Giroux waives his clause, it would likely be to play for Colorado Avalanche as they are one of the strongest teams in the league. It would also be expected that the Flyers would sell their captain for future assets, and to let him have another chance at the cup.

(Image Credit: Golden Gate Sports)

In terms of other rentals on the table, there are several this year that could be great additions to any team that bites at the chance.

Along with Braden Holtby, Dallas Star Joe Pavelski is also on his final year on his contract in Dallas. Pavelski brings forth leadership and experience to bolster the roster of a Stanley Cup contending team

Another Dallas Star that is reportedly on the market is defender John Klingberg. But there is a surplus of UFA defenders this year, such as: Mark Giordano (Kraken), Nick Leddy (Red Wings), and P.K Subban (Devils)

The Arizona Coyotes will also looking to move Phil Kessel, who has two Stanley Cups to his name, and lots of veteran experience, but is also in his final year of his contract.

(Image Credit: Fourth Period)

The 2022 NHL Trade Deadline this coming March looks to be one filled with surprising deals, and new opportunities for rental players to make an impact on a contending team.

We are still about a month away, but that just leaves more time for speculation.


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