Anaheim Ducks: Troy Terry’s Flying Start

The Anaheim Ducks have been one of the most surprising stories this season in regards to how they have over achieved. One of the most instrumental parts to the succeess of the Ducks has been Troy Terry’s fantastic start to this season.

At the current time of writing, Troy Terry has currently played 23 games for the Anaheim ducks this season, and has 15 goals, and 10 assists. This gives him a total of 25 points.

This point total means that he has already surpassed his last season record of 20 points in 48 games by a significant margin, in almost half the time.

Additionally, Terry had a surprising 16 point streak earlier this season, which eventually ended against the Nashville Predators. Terry has had first line minutes this season, being teamed up with Adam Henrique, and Sam Steel. Ryan Getzlaf, the face of the Anaheim Ducks for over half a decade now usually occupies the first line center position, but is currently injured.

(Image Credit: Mile High Hockey)

One characteristic that can sum up Terry’s dedication and sudden impact to perform this season is his worth ethic. Terry has never been seen as the high flying superstar player, instead he was typically the fourth line energy player. This was even the case at a junior level.

However, after the 20/21 season, he has decided reflect on how he can improve as a player and ultimately grow as a goal scorer. Terry said “I knew I had the ability to be an impact player in this league and to do that I was going to have to get stronger. I worked more in the gym than I did on the ice. To become a goal scorer, I had to shoot pucks off the pass and that was honestly just working out and one-timing pucks and shooting from all angles” (Shilton, ESPN), in an article reflecting on his 21/22 season so far.

What this shows is that he recognized where he could improve, and elevated the parts of the game that would drastically grow him as a player. Especially at age 24, where he is just entering his prime.

(Image Credit: LA Times)

In terms of Terry’s playstyle, he has been open to shooting more this season. Which is one of the reasons why he has 10 goals so far. Terry has looked for opportunities, and taken his chances. This is something that he has drastically improved upon compared to last season where he was only seen as a passing threat.

One aspect of Terry’s game has also been his ability to move the puck forward. This has allowed him to be a dual threat to defenders, in which they need to be wary of his shooting and his passing when defending.

Terry is also quick on his feet and able to find open space, which makes playing with elite playmaker Ryan Getzlaf a great match on the first line.

(Image Credit: Wikipedia)

Troy Terry and the Anaheim Ducks are currently third place in the Pacific Division. They are also looking to qualify for the playoffs for the first time since the 2017/2018 season.


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