Dmitry Orlov’s Resurgence and Incredible on Ice Goal Diffrential

Dmitry Orlov’s start to the 2021/2022 season has been spectacular on both ends of the ice. Now being partnered with teammate Nick Jensen, the duo have demonstrated that they can be dominate on both ends of the ice.

Though both have previously been points of criticism at times for the Washington Capitals. However, they have been paired together, and are showing themselves to be an exceptional second defensive pairing.

This season Orlov is shown incredible pace with his point production with his 4 goals, and 8 assists, totaling for 12 points. His production has also been extremely meaningful in contributing to the Washington Capitals’ win this season, as 3 out of his 4 goals have been game winning goals.

(Image Credit: Getty Images)

In terms of his one advanced stat metric that is incredible, Orlov is currently sitting at an incredible oiGF/60 rating of 3.8 and oiGA/60 rating of 1.5, showing an astounding oiGD/60 rating of 2.3. What this demonstrates is that on the ice, he is able to provide enough structure and stability to let his team create about 2.3 goals per sixty minutes then concede a single goal while he is on the ice. Even though this number is slightly inflated due to Orlov’s time on the second powerplay unit, the metric still shows solid evidence of his strong performance.

In addition to his incredible oiGD/60 metric, Orlov is currently sitting at a 17+/- rating. This in conjunction with the oiGD/60 rating shows the stability that Orlov has provided this season.

Dmitry Orlov and the Washington Capitals look to continue the success they’ve had this season by and carry forward their form into December and the New Year.

(All Statistics are Credited to Hockey Reference)


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