Pedri: 2021 Golden Boy and the Future of Spain

After recently winning the 2021 golden ball award, Pedri joins a long list of exceptional talents. Creating even larger expectations for himself, he is the first Barcelona player since Messi in 2005 to win this prestigious award.
In terms of recent winners, the Spaniard succeeds Erling Haaland (2020), Joao Felix (2019), Mattijis De Light (2018), as recent winners of this award.
The second place winner for the 2021 award was Borussia Dortmund’s Jude Bellingham.

(Tweet Credit: @FCBarcelona)

The 2021 season as truly been remarkable for the “Dream Teen” as he became a regular for the Catalan club and an essential member of the Spanish national team. Pedri also was given the opportunity to play in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, representing Spain.

This meant that during the 2020 season, he has featured in over 70 games in a calendar year.

What this demonstrates, at such a young age is a desire to improve, win, and most importantly it shows passion.

(Image Credit: Sports Illustrated)

Especially at a time of Barcelona’s financial struggles and collapse of the structure of the club, Pedri brings a ray of hope for the club. In addition to this, the appointment of club legend Xavi also means that Pedri will get the opportunity to be managed by one of the club legends, and someone who has played alongside the player most compared to Pedri, Andres Iniesta.

In terms of playstyle, Pedri is hard working on and off of the ball, quick, and creative. He looks to exploit teams with his intelligent movement. However, one thing that stands out most about Pedri is his maturity.

Currently still a teenager, Pedri’s movements off of the ball are creative, yet decisive. A trait that incorporates his youthful skill, while also demonstrating experience and strategic knowledge. Specifically attacking open space, he looks to find creative ways to drive the attack forward.

(Image Credit: ESPN)

Though currently injured at the start of the 21/22 season. Pedri will be essential to the future of Spain and represents a new generation of Spanish and Barcelona players that will dominate for years. Now guided by Xavi, someone who was once where Pedri is now, the Barcelona and Spanish rebuild could be closer to being finished then the fan perspective initially thought.


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