Leverkusen’s Rising Star: Florain Wirtz

With the departure of Kai Havertz to Chelsea in the summer of 2020, Leverkusen have evidently shown that they have a plan in regards to the future of their attack.

Attacking midfielder Florin Wirtz is the next rising German star to dominate the Bundesliga this season with his four goals and six assists in ten appearances. Wirtz has shown an extremely high potential ceiling as his statistics have been impressive, and after factoring his age, one can truly understand how much potential he has.

Wirtz had debuted in the Bundesliga at just 17 years old.

(Image Credit: Daily News Catcher)

Though Wirtz is a player that prefers to play in the middle, Wirtz can also be used as a winger. This is an example of how diverse he is in his play and why he is instrumental to Leverkusen this season.

In terms of his his playstyle, Wirtz shows how dynamic he is with his creative runs attack the goal, while using his technique and technical ability to find option attacking options. One of Florain’s main strengths is his superb first touch, allowing him to show agility, technique, and flair at the first point of receiving the ball.

One aspect that is interesting in regards to his playstyle deals with his movement of the ball. Usually young technical attack minded players prefer to dribble the ball into play, instead Wirtz uses his IQ and plays the pass instead. This demonstrates a high level of intelligence, and a understanding of the game at a high level.

There is also a large chance that Wirtz will get the opportunity to represent Germany at the 2022 Qatar World Cup, if he continues his form.

In conclusion, the future is bright for Wirtz and he will be essential to Leverkusen this season as they try to fight for a champions league spot this season.


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